Stay Stylish With Moni Moni Jackets

October has arrived, and the cold is making its way into some parts of the world: it’s time to whip out those knee-high boots, grab your scarves, and become an even more frequent mocha drinker at Starbucks!

Of course, one of the best things about Fall is the fashion — time to show off your gorgeous Moni Moni jacket! Here are a few of our designs that will keep you both warm and stylish:

Madison in Caramel
The Madison
For a dramatic look, treat your closet to one of these Moni Moni jackets! A longer style that’s perfect for a long pencil skirt and boots, wearing the Madison is sure to turn heads.

Alex in Dark Grey
The Alex
Guys need fashionable protection from the cold, too! For the husbands, sons, and friends in your life, the — jacket is a great Fall/Winter gift that won’t disappoint.

Ella in Taupe
The Ella
For Moni Moni fans who reside in parts of the world where the weather is still warm, the Ella jacket is absolutely paramount for your collection! With the 3/4 sleeves and soft cotton interior lining, you’ll stay cool — literally and figuratively!

Kate in Taupe
The Kate
Finally, we have the Kate jacket — a shorter style that’s ideal for both casual and edgier ensembles. Available in black, caramel, dark grey, and taupe, this outerwear piece is a must-have!

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