Everyone’s Talking About Monique!

In celebration of the immense popularity of the Moni Moni Monique Messenger bag, Moni Moni designer Cinzia Moniaci offers some of her insight and reflection on the process of creating the purse to explaining what and whom she had in mind when doing so!

Initially finding the inspiration for the Monique in the fashionable streets of Paris, Cinzia goes on to describe how she improved upon and revitalized the age-old messenger bag by maximizing its functionality. Whether it’s to fit your conservative work attire or cater to your school needs, the Monique is an excellently fashionable choice!

Check out a couple photos below of these fabulous fashion bloggers who are also in love with the Monique:

Monique on Cheyenne Meets Chanel
In this photo, Shea of Cheyenne Meets Chanel sports the Monique in black.

Monique on Natalie Off Duty
The Monique also resonates with Natalie from Natalie Off Duty, who stylishly utilizes the vintage look of the bag.

Check back for more details of our upcoming Moni Moni Monique Giveaway Contest!

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