Moni Moni Fan Amber Heard on The Playboy Club

Amber Heard in The Playboy Club

Amber Heard

It’s no surprise that the always-stylish Amber Heard loves Moni Moni! Here she’s showing off her Splendor Large in Mocha Latte and looking stunning as usual. A favorite among fans everywhere, the Splendor Large is both as spacious and comfy as well as versatile and stylish. With an unmatched, superior design made from the most luxurious Italian leather, there’s no question as to why it’s Amber’s favorite! From working on set to jet-setting from movie to movie, she needs a bag that’s as practical as it is fashionable.

Catch Moni Moni girl Amber on the small screen in The Playboy Club, a dramatic series centering on the sexy (and sometimes mysterious!) lives of the original Playboy bunnies of the 1960’s Chicago club. Amber portrays newcomer bunny Maureen. The Playboy Club airs Monday nights at 10 p.m. on NBC.

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