Kate Middletons Wedding Dress on Display in London

Kate Middleton’s dress, made of ivory and white satin gazar, was designed to emulate an opening flower and certainly bloomed both envy and awe in everyone around the world. The beautiful and famous bridal dress worn for the Royal Wedding was known for having great body, stiffness and architectural drama. The dress proved to be light and airy as well, finishing a perfect and highly sophisticated design. Combining tradition and modernity with the artistic vision that characterizes Alexander McQueen’s work, the dress is now on display at Buckingham Palace, where thousands of visitors have rushed to see it.

The newest royal bride’s dress is certain to spark a trend in wedding gowns — perhaps even reshape the bridal industry — for years to come, with knockoff artists waiting in the wings to quickly replicate the design. The exhibition organizers are expecting huge interest in the gown, which is being shown alongside Catherine’s shoes, her diamond earrings and the halo tiara she borrowed from Queen Elizabeth II to hold her silk-tulle veil in place.

If you’ve fallen in love with the design and look, it would be no surprise that the fondness everyone has acquired will spill out onto your everyday style. Consider some of Moni Moni’s popular handbags to pay homage to the defining gown — and, if you’re one of the lucky ones who will be able to visit the dress on display, it’s sure to compliment the dress and draw some gazes, too!

Kate Middleton's Wedding Dress

Kate Middleton and the Queen

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