Pulp Collection Preview Featured on Steal Fashion

Moni Moni has an assortment of new items coming up for Fall, including the fun, delicious new Pulp Collection, previewed at Steal Fashion!

Summer doesn’t always have to have all the fun — color isn’t hibernating this Fall season for a change. In fact, many of the big fashion houses like Prada and Dior have embraced it! Make your outfit pop with a splash of orange in the form of a satchel, clutch, or tote.

Of course, the best part about buying colorful accessories like these Moni Moni purses is the fact that you’ll be able to still use them when Summer comes around.

Expect to see the entire, new Pulp Collection in the online store soon.

Of course, a special thanks goes out to Steal Fashion for featuring Moni Moni on their stylish site!

Moni Moni Pulp Satchel

Moni Moni Pulp Clutch

Moni Moni Pulp Tote

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