Rock Out With Moni Moni On Your Arm

For music lovers, summer is the most-anticipated season for festivals and concerts. For the fashionable concert-goers, these are the best opportunities to show off their style and rock their latest accessories. Designer and musician Cinzia Moniaci fused both loves — fashion and music — to create Moni Moni purses. Here are our handbag picks for your summer concert outfits:

Cascade Rock & Roll in Black

Cascade Rock & Roll in Black

Named after music itself, the Cascade Rock & Roll brings out the rocker in you all while keeping your style classy. Throw on a studded belt, slip into a pair of leather boots, grab your Cascade Rock & Roll purse and you’re ready to rock out at Warped Tour!

Gypsy in Caramel

Gypsy Caramel

For the bohemian Moni Moni fans, the Gypsy handbag is the perfect accessory for a low-key show or outdoor festival. Casual with a chic flair that goes perfectly with a pair of cowboy boots, beads, and tunic or maxi dress, the Gypsy conveniently comes in black, black/purple, caramel, and dark grey to cover all your wardrobe bases.

Savana Tie Dye in Candy

Savana Tie Dye Candy

Headed to see Coldplay at your college campus? Be sure to grab your Savana Tie Dye Candy bag! The unique tie dye design combined with the delicious color is sure to make your outfit pop. Even better, the design comes with a strap — all the more convenient at a concert when you’re weaving through crowds!

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