Glitz, Glamour And Moni Moni

    All eyes are on our favorite stars when they’re out on the town, shopping, or running around to keep up with their fast-paced glamour life. It’s no wonder why celebrities like Halle Berry, Paris Hilton, and Kim Kardashian are huge fans of our Moni Moni handbags — a lot of us can relate to busy lifestyles and fashionistas, professionals, and celebrities alike can agree that a girl’s best friend is her trusty handbag!

Before running out that door, that beloved tote, hobo, or satchel not only keeps a lady in style, but ensures that her essentials are right by her side. Moni Moni bags are designed with that in mind, so they not only accentuate style, but define capacity, comfort and the chic factor that every girl looks for in a quality designer handbag. While the go-to Moni Moni bag seems to be the Splendor Bag Collection, Hollywood’s fab celebs give love to several collections like the Dolce Vita, Gypsy, and Lily handbags

Be sure to keep an eye on our Spring 2011 collection – you’ll never know which glitzy celeb will be donning one of the sure-to-be-hot styles this year!

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