You’re A Rockstar, Moni Moni Girl!

Flashing bright lights dance around the dark room.  A dark, handsome figure electrifies and sways the crowd with his sexy, melodic voice. The loud bass bumps with your heartbeat as you dance your head off. You’re a rock and roll girl, baby, and nothing can stop you tonight!

Let your edgy style scream as loud as those rockin’ tunes with Moni Moni on your next night out to the concert or club! Need something to match that hot, leather jacket and stylish pair of skinny jeans?

Stand out of the crowd with these Moni Moni handbag lines:

Cascade Rock and RollSavana Rock and Roll                          Cascade Rock and Roll Choco

Cascade Rock and Roll                         Cascade Rock and Roll (Chocolate)                                          Savana Rock and Roll

Don’t be afraid to sport these handbags outside of your favorite venue, Moni Moni girls! You’ll look like a superstar wherever you go!

   Moni Moni’s lovely designer, Cinzia Moniaci, loves rocking out in style with her band, The Perfect Nines ( – it may just be the source of inspiration for these chic handbags!

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