An Inside Scoop On Spring 2011 Trends: NYC Press Preview

Talk about a busy day! We invited editors from various media outlets like Allure, In Style, People Style Watch, Daily Candy, andUS Weekly to see what Cinzia Moniaci has up her sleeve for Spring 2011. They came to visit the showroom in the Fashion District in New York City. The response was amazing and here’s a peek into the showroom and what the editors saw.

We are very excited to share a couple of the trends that will be on fire for spring. One key presence that seems to transcend all seasons is the color of caramel. From shoes to pants to bags, caramel will definitely never go out of style.

Another color that is hot for spring is red. Passionate, strong, powerful — just a few words associated with the word red. You will definitely not be lacking in grabbing attention if you tote a red Moni Moni bag.

Another bag trend that seems to have the editors excited is the cross-body, messenger bag. Everyone is still looking for everyday functionality, especially when they’re on the go, and a messenger bag definitely sets the pace for the rest of your day.

Take a cue from the experts. We’re loving them for it.

By Cloverly Chua

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