Festival Season – A Whole Heap of LOVE!

We are back! And ready to share a whole heap of our favorite things…

Just in time for the HUGE festival season this Summer. Seriously, how are we going to attend all of these AMAZING shows all over the country?!

Our inspiration is everywhere, and we can’t help our true gypsy soul and heart. Which inspired one of our favorite bags and focal point of this post:

The Gypsy

We are dying once again, over this bohemian style bag (which last year was named “THE festival bag” at Coachella). It’s a statement bag that can style any outfit perfectly.



The Gypsy

5295-Gypsy-Sky_Blue-Front 5295-Gypsy-Caramel-Front 5295-Gypsy-Black-Front5295 Gypsy BP (1)

We’ve also found some amazingly delightful items to match our fabulous Gypsy. 

Trust us, these too will turn up the volume with your festival outfits:


Festival Tattoos by Goldfish Kiss – found at Planet Blue

pacBabe-a-licious Day Tripper One-Piece by Pacific and Driftwood

Our Gypsy Rock & Roll is the other

half to our bohemian soul:

5299 Gypsy Caramel5299 Gypsy Black5299 Gypsy BlkPurple

Gypsy Rock Candy5299-Gypsy_Rock-Sky_Blue-Front

Pairs Magically:

fsThe perfect dress by Flynn Skye  – Low Back Maxi – SEXY!

pb 1In true festival fashion, a boho queen must-have – the Novela Royale Romper!


And a beautiful turquoise cuff by Vanessa Mooney

Accessories are the backbone of festival style!

We hope you enjoy the festivals as much as we do! (And we’ll be sure to send pictures)

xoxoxo Moni Moni

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