Coachella 2013

Coachella 2013

Back from the desert with lovely memories of another fantastic Coachella experience. We listened to some great music, made new friends, danced to an effervescent Moby and rocked out to Franz Ferdinand, incredibly tight band live!
What a ride that was, in every sense of the word! This year’s fad was to bring your bike so you could move faster from the parking lots to the entrances and gage which lines were longer.
The fashion was pure boho bliss, with some great hits and a few “miss” of course but overall truly enjoyable eye candy.
My favorite item this year were my high waisted “One of a kind” cut off shorts, levi’s with studs and colorful embroidery.
I also got to correspond for French newspaper “The International” which made the weekend even more special.
Can’t wait for the next one!!!



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