Beyonce Promotes Small Designers In Her New Album

Known all over the world for her talent, beauty, and fashion sense, Beyoncé makes some bold moves when it comes to her fashion choices for her latest album, 4. The stylish singer opted for small, lesser known designers over big fashion houses like Chanel and Lanvin; one of the designers, Leah Rae, is still a student at the Fashion Institute of New York who has yet to start up her own label! Among the small and independent designers are 36 year-old Dutch designer Jan Taminiau, 27 year-old Maxime Simoens, and Alexandre Vauthier.

“It was important to Beyoncé that the choice of clothing not be about the brand but about the quality of the work,” said Jenke-Ahmed Tailly, Beyoncé’s creative director.

In addition to the unique beauty of these avant garde pieces, it is refreshing that Beyoncé chooses to highlight lesser known artists, especially considering Moni Moni is an independent brand. What’s more is that Beyoncé’s looks in her promotional photos would look great with our Moni Moni handbag designs!

On the cover of her album, Mrs. Jay-Z wears a fox stole embellished with crystals by Vauthier. How fabulous would that look paired with the Luna Black/Purple?

Beyonce's 4 Album Cover

In the foldout of the album cover, Beyoncé wears another Vauthier fox stole paired with daisy dukes from French designer Julien Fournié — all the outfit needs is a Lily Caramel!

Beyonce's 4

Lastly, FIT student designer Leah Rae created this lemon yellow mini dress — worn by the “Best Thing I Never Had” songstress — that would go great paired with the complimenting brown of the Splendor Intrex.

Beyonce's 4

(Images from NY Times)

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