Poolside or At The Beach, Moni Moni Has You Covered

Whether you are going to the pool or beach to relax and catch some rays this summer season, or if you are looking to turn heads as you walk down the street, picking the right style and wardrobe can lead to some good times and some even better summer memories that can last you through the seemingly endless winter season. Every girl knows how important it is to choose the right swimwear to look great on the beach, but we don’t only wear swimsuits on the beach – we need pretty dresses, nice shorts and tops, too! Check out this season’s trends and how Moni Moni can help put the appropriate wear all together.


You can turn heads while showing off those newly tanned legs by throwing on some great shorts – one of the main essentials for the summer season. Whether classic length shorts, Bermuda shorts or board shorts made out of light fabrics, such as cotton or linen, they’ll help you keep – and look – cool! Speaking of light, we’re sure that a little minty color will help with your warm weather stylin’!

Linen Dresses

Another summer favorite is the linen dress. These are available in different lengths depending on the occasion like maxi dresses which are usually ankle length. There is also the bandeau dress, a strapless dress, for those who don’t want tan lines on their shoulders. Great, flowy dresses like these are not only light and comfortable, but are stylish with a large bag, such as our Cascade handbags!


Beach cover ups or wraparounds are another fashionable addition to any beachwear wardrobe, if you want to cover up your swimsuit or bikini. Other examples of beachwear  are caftans, as well as wraps that you simply tie around your waist. Some may go a little more daring with frilly skirts or other street-mod ensembles. Either way, nothing is more bold than a Splendor Intrex to go with it.

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