Introducing: The Splendor Intrex and Tote

As our signature bag, the Splendor has not only been one of the most popular amongst celebrities like Jessica Alba and Kourtney Kardashian, but has been the most in-demand handbag amongst our wonderful customers. It has everything you want in a handbag: the super soft and slouchy leather that makes Moni Moni so popular, a detachable strap allowing for different carrying options, and outside zipper with pouch on top of the already generous carrying space lined with cotton. The effortless, distressed look is one of the key factors of its chic, yet semi-casual design. Even better is the many forms it takes, giving new meaning to the word “versatility” by offering different styles with the same core design. That being said, there’s a Splendor bag for everyone! Need a bit more carrying space in your life? The Splendor Large is the solution! How about the Splendor Fly, for those who love a touch of glam? There’s even a Splendor messenger bag, for a fashionable look that also helps with running those daily errands! Now, we’re more excited than ever to introduce…The Splendor Intrex and The Splendor Intrex Tote!

The Splendor intrex offers the features of the Splendor that you’ve fallen in love with, along with great accents to give it a delightful, new look and style! Rounded studs on the handle and an interwoven design on the front pocket makes this bag a trendsetter you’ll want to have on your arm! Available in Black/Purple, Mocha Latte, Candy Red and more!

The Splendor Intrex tote may be the most stylish, functional and compliant totebag yet! A comfortable way to carry all your essentials while getting the attention your fashion-sense deserves, our new tote bag has you covered when it comes to style, capacity, and comfort! Check it out in Black, Candy Red, Chocolate and more!

We’re sure you’ll fall in love with the new collections like the Intrex and Intrex tote, so be sure to get all the exclusives and even giveaways and discounts by following us on Twitter or liking our page on Facebook!

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