The Story Of Moni Moni (Part 2)

Last week we discovered how Cinzia, Moni Moni’s designer, was put on the path to making one of the most beloved designer handbags for celebrities and fashionistas alike. Well, soon after she decided to leave the “nest,” so to speak, she was ready to do something she not only loved, but felt she could present to the market with innovation sprinkled with chic style! Check out Cinzia’s beginnings at her first office at the California Mart in Los Angeles, where the idea and inspiration came to start what would be Moni Moni Handbags:

“Here is my very first office in the California Mart, learning the ropes — you can see my trusty candy red agenda book; this was before Blackberry ;-)”

Cinzia, however, was fueled by a deep creative passion, and when she set out to make a unique line of handbags that were not only stylish, but functional, she set off with the belief that every great bag should fall under the “three Cs” – capacity, comfort, and chic factor! As most of you know, Moni Moni implements those three Cs and even adds one more: creative! From the signature Splendor collections loved by celebs like Kourtney Kardashian to the elegant Dolce Vita, known for being Halle Berry’s favorite bag, it’s easy to see that Cinzia kept that passion driven by the same standard of quality, care and thought. She was soon able to give her office a bit of an upgrade, as you can see here:

A few years later, as the business grew, my office evolved, I had a view, I was able to decorate it and make it as fashionable as I pleased and I had my own assistant…shortly after Moni Moni was born!”

Eager to see the actual inception of Moni Moni? We are, too! Visit us next week as we finish off our 3-part blog series, and show you Moni Moni’s beginnings!

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