Plum Up Your Day!

Hey, Moni Moni girls! We wanted to take a moment to highlight one of our  favorite bags: the Splendor in Plum.

Purple is a color rarely found in nature – a fact that instantly draws  attention to anyone wearing it, highlighting their cute outfit and style.  Purple has traditionally represented luxury, royalty, wealth and  sophistication. We feel that these are all good things that may define our  Moni Moni girls, but we took it to the next level and brought it to a  deeper, more mature and elegant shade: Plum. You gals deserve the best, and  we want to make it available to you! Coloring the world of fashion, this  regal hue is making a splash everywhere from runways and Hollywood premiers  to city streets. With this in mind, our wonderful designer, Cinzia Moniaci, made these ideas come to life through our classic, signature bag: The Splendor.

“Plum-ing” up Moni Moni’s trademark super-soft and slouchy leather, the  effortless and distressed look and comfort we aim for is further beautified. It’s chic, it’s comfortable, it represents the sophisticated  and fashionable side of you — why WOULDN’T you want it? It’s also  available in the Splendor large for those who need a bit more carrying  space, and even the Splendor Fly who want a little added glam in their  life! Now, if you’ll excuse us: we need to go run out and find some Plum heels to match!

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