Ten Reasons Why You Should Buy The Gypsy

1. From rocker to boho to casual, the Gypsy fits all different styles and looks.

2. Celebrities like Ashlee Simpson and Emmy Rossum are fans of the Gypsy.

3. The Gypsy comes in three colors: black, black/purple, and caramel.

4. The strap is adjustable; whether you want to wear it short around your arm or stretch the strap to the maximum 34″ across your body, there are a few chic ways to wear it!

5. The Gypsy was designed with functionality in mind: the two small pockets on the front are perfect for storing your cell phone, keys, cash, and/or other items you need to easily get to.

6. Running errands? The Gypsy is perfect for quickly throwing it across you when you need to get to multi-tasking in a pinch. Who says you can’t look chic while you’re carrying groceries, running to a business meeting with your presentation, or bringing your kids to school?

7. The Gypsy purse is designed with an edgy yet classic style — a timeless one that keeps you wearing it throughout each season!

8. With Halloween around the corner, the Gypsy is a perfect excuse to incorporate a chic Moni Moni purse into your costume (we’re thinking hippies or rockstars!).

9. Measuring 12″ x 14″, the Gypsy is neither too small nor too large — the perfect size, really!

10. Lastly, we want to see how you pair the Gypsy with your style; check out how actress Taryn Manning recently wore the Gypsy to a red carpet event!

Taryn Manning wearing the Gypsy

Gypsy in Black/Purple

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