Preview the Moni Moni Ipad Case

Moni Moni has something exciting in store for you! In addition to luxuriously stylish handbags, Moni Moni will soon be offering gorgeous, quality Italian leather iPad cases. While these Moni Moni cases aren’t in the online store just yet, what we can provide are these exclusive first look photos of the product to hold you over:

Moni Moni iPad Case

Moni Moni iPad Case

Moni Moni iPad Case

Moni Moni iPad Case

Available in the above color and black, the Moni Moni iPad case keeps your iPad or iPad2 safe while maintaining its chic, classy elegance. Best of all, this unique iPad case not only enables you to conveniently prop up your iPad or iPad2 upright, but includes several storage slots for holding notes, credit cards, and more — ideal for those quick trips for when you don’t want to bring your entire purse (although, if you have a Moni Moni bag, how could you resist not wanting to show it off everywhere you go?).

Whether you’re a working professional, college student, or someone who simply likes keeping up with technology, this iPad case is perfect for everyone who wants to protect their tablet and look in vogue while doing so.

Stay tuned for more details as to when and how you can get your hands on these sleek cases!

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