“What’s In Your Bag?” Giveaway Update

Well, looks like we did it – we reached 3,500 fans on Facebook! Before we get to the giveaway, we at Moni Moni would like to thank all of our fans for the support and love! We also appreciate every single entry submitted for the designer hat giveaway contest; it can be said that you can learn a lot about a girl just by looking at what’s in her bag, so we appreciate you all sharing with us the intimate toolbox that is a girl’s handbag. Here’s a quick, fun breakdown of our entries:

What most girls had: Wallet, phone, lip gloss, keys, makeup, brush, mints/gum.
The usual suspects, what girl can go out without having her daily essentials?

The interesting finds: Scissors (Diane R.), three different screwdrivers (Jane W.), spare socks (Helen B.), melon baller (Viv G.), chicken wishbone (Janice C.),  flashlight w/ extra batteries (Adrienne Z. and Annie P.).
Some entries proved that us gals can really put our lives into our bags.

We’ll announce five (5) winners this Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011, who will each receive a brand new, Moni Moni designer military hat! Good luck to everyone! If you still haven’t submitted an entry, there’s still time! Just let us know what’s in your bag on our Facebook wall, via wall post or photo. Feel free to get friends and family to “like” us and submit an entry, too!

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