Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week 2011

Known to be Asia’s biggest business fashion event, Wills Lifestyle India Fashion week (WIFW) showcased some of the most wonderful and stunning textures and colors we’ve seen this year. An assortment of designers integrated Indian crafts and traditional pattern into urban design, and the results were definitely captivating, to say the least!

One collection, for example, really caught our eyes, and felt would be well complimented by our new Spring collection:

The designer, Tanvi Kedia, presented this an electric collection, which was designed of kutch embroidery, ikat digital prints, tribal prints, geometric patterns, and folk art. (Moni Moni handbags, from left to right: (Luna Candy, Splendor Intrex Chocolate, Hobo Mint)

If you’re thinking about picking up some of the top trends India’s fashion week showcased, we’ve got the scoop for you: bright colors, palazzo pants (very retro and cool!), and shades of mustard were among the hottest looks shared amongst the designers.

We at Moni Moni LOVE seeing new fashion trends on the rise, and always keep them in mind when working on new designs. Our lovely designer, Cinzia Moniaci, is hard at work on new collections, so between the inspiration she got from her trip to Italy and the various fashion weeks she’s followed, it’s exciting to see what we’ll have in store for you!

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