Cinzia’s Visit To Italy, Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of our series following Cinzia’s visit to Italy! Last week we explored how Italy’s surroundings inspired new ideas for Moni Moni, with even a sneak preview of a leather jacket collection in the works. This week, we look into a muse that inspires Cinzia, no matter where she is — her beautiful daughter, Chloe, who happens to be along for the trip! Little Chloe is not only keeping Cinzia on her toes, but is providing good insight with a pair of fresh eyes. Best of all, she’s keeping the smiles big and the hearts warm with Mom and Dad!

(Left) Chloe is a Moni Moni Girl ❤
(Right) Chloe helps find some new colors for the Moni Moni handbags we love!

(Left) Let’s get these new styles going!

What an adorable outfit! We’re loving the colors, and hope to see it in a new collection.

Chloe leads Mom to their next adventure for inspiration.
Exploring Italy can get tiring! Time for a break with cousin Martina.

We’ll continue to follow Cinzia and Chloe on their journey, as they share the sights and beauty of Italy.
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