Cinzia’s Visit To Italy, Part 1

Enjoying her trip to her native Italy, Moni Moni’s designer, Cinzia Moniaci, is being constantly inspired by the country’s beauty. Known for its roman ruins, renaissance palaces, captivating landscapes and unique food, it’s no wonder why Italy is a perfect muse wherever she turns. Let’s see how her visit is helping her flourish her rich, creative background!

The rolling landscapes are a sight to see. Cinzia noticed a beautiful contrast between the open fields and the city behind it and took note (Pictured Left).
“The depth and attention to detail in Italian architecture is exactly what I always want to implement in my design,” thought Cinzia (Pictured Right).

The nature is especially beautiful during her trip — the flowers seemed more radiant, and the grass more lush (Pictured Left).
Nothing beats relaxing on the shore with a caressing ocean breeze. This is the perfect setting to think about a Summer collection, wouldn’t you say? (Pictured Right)

Food isn’t only about taste, but texture and presentation. And, hey, a creative mind can’t work on an empty stomach! (Pictured Left)
With a captivating view like this, how wouldn’t anyone be inspired? (Pictured Right)

Italy, where “Art Nouveau” and “Art Deco” was born and still thrives. (Pictured Left)
The only thing more grand than a Roman Colosseum, is the love in a happy family. (Pictured Right)

    Cinzia has already given us a sneak peak at a leather jacket collection she has going to production. Cinzia shares, “Each jacket matches a bag, this one with the ‘Splendor bag‘ detail on the shoulder will be perfect for Halle Berry” We’re eager to see the collections Cinzia is currently hard at work on, and we’ll be sure to share it with you once they’re revealed!

Stay tuned next week, when we continue Cinzia’s Trip to Italy and discover the muse that inspires with her – no matter where she goes.

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