iPad 2 On The Go With Moni Moni

Okay, so what’s not to love about the new iPad2? It does everything you want (e-mail, Netflix, video calls, documents, browsing/shopping) and more! Why wouldn’t you want this piece of technology gold with you all the time? Well, for one, the big, beautiful screen means that it’s not the smallest thing. It’s light, but a lot of handbags out there may not hold or protect it as well as what Moni Moni has to offer. Not only that, but with 100% Italian leather, chic styles and elegant designs, you’ll be on top of the technology AND fashion curve! Here are some suggestions, but be sure to check out all of our handbag collections to find the best one for you!

The Splendor Large is perfect for holding your iPad2 without stealing room from your daily essentials. The cotton lining also ensures that your bag doesn’t lay a scratch on your new tablet. Want to match with iPad’s new color, white? Then you’ll fall in love with the Splendor in Vanilla!

The Tote Candy means business when it comes to style, capacity, and comfort! Your iPad2 will love its new home, made in 100% luxurious Italian leather with 100% cotton lining to protect not just your iPad, but all the things a gal needs that can fit in this wonderful totebag. It’s also available in Mocha Latte and Black/Purple!

The Lily Handbag is both beautiful and elegant with a hint of metallic sheen. This can also be said for Apple’s new iPad2, which can be stored comfortably in the Lily bag. The uniquely designed soft handles make carrying everything very easy with less strain and available colors like red, caramel, and black/purple make this a super stylish and cute accessory!

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